Two Haringey acts will help educate people about human rights struggles by performing on the launch night for new organisation Journey to Justice at the Conway Hall in June.

Streetz Ahead dance group and poet Zena Edwards will both feature in a night of song, dance, poetry and film on Saturday, June 21.

Streetz Ahead have been based in the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green since 1995, and aim to give young people in Haringey the chance to train as dancers.

Elizabeth Harry, the artistic director for Streetz Ahead, said that the group would perform two dances at the launch, one of which has been specially choreographed in memory of Nelson Mandela.

She said: “People think that nowadays instances of racism are few and far between, but it’s actually very prevalent.

“Having a common interest in dance brings people from all walks of life come together.

“Dance isn’t about separation, it’s about togetherness, and it can give people a sense of confidence and the freedom to express themselves.”

Poet Zena Edwards, who grew up in Tottenham, said that the timing of the Journey to Justice project was important given UKIP’s recent success in the European elections.

“I understand where Nigel Farage is coming from in the wanting to understand how immigration affects the country, but we have to shift our focus from these sensationalist discourses.

“We live in a culture of blame and shame and the first thing we do when things go wrong is ask whose fault it is.

“We have to be part of the social change and that means pointing out where injustice happens all of the time – whether it’s sexism, racism, or just micro-aggression.

“We can make change by changing how we interact with people every day, and by constantly asking questions about the world we live in.”

Other performances will include the David Idowu Choir, Tayo Aluko, UCLU Jazz Society, Jo Clarke singing Nina Simone and Wayne Marshall singing classic civil rights anthems.

As well as launching the organisation, the night introduces Journey to Justice’s first project: a travelling exhibition about the US civil rights movement and its impact which will tour the UK.

The performances will take place on Saturday, June 21 at 7.30pm at the Conway Hall.