Residents of North London’s YMCA will stage a photography exhibition following a series of workshops run by professional photographers.

The show, which will be part of the Crouch End festival, is the culmination of residents spending weeks learning their new craft from professional photographers and students of Ravensbourne College of Design.

Jodie Leigh Clay, who has several pictures included in the show after borrowing a camera from Ravensbourne, said she now hopes to become a pet photographer.

She said: “I really like taking pictures of animals. My favourite photo, of the ones I’ve taken, is of the fishmongers in Crouch End.

“You get a close-up of the crabs and dead fish down the length of the shelf. In the background you can see some people working away, but they’re out of focus.

“I think I like that one the best because it focuses on the animals.”

She added: “I’m excited about the exhibition, I really want to know what people think of the pictures, but I’m really sad that the course is ending and that I’ve got to give my camera back. There’s not really much for me to do now.”

Budding artist Sam Adesanya said that the photography has helped him with improve his drawing.

“I already do a lot of Japanese influenced art, and I’d like to go into animation. I’ve started photographing sculptures, and then I see if I can draw them, but putting my own spin on them.

“I’ve been meeting more artists and photographers and making contacts through the project, too.

“I want to get better at my art, so anything that can help with that is a blessing, really. I’m going to take pictures for as long as I can.”

Mr Adesanya, who is currently shadowing barristers and hopes to train as lawyer, added that he was excited about the exhibition.

The exhibition will take place from June 6 – 15 at both the Hot Pepper Jelly Café on Tottenham Lane and the foyer of the NLYMCA Gym, Elmfield Avenue.