A Fortismere school pupil was recently given the chance to interview award-winning film director Ken Loach about his latest film, Jimmy’s Hall.

Harry Coleman, 17, spoke to the director as a reporter on the Into Film Talent Development programme, which he was selected to take part in May this year.

The scheme gives people a chance to develop their skills as film journalists.

Harry, who lives in Muswell Hill, said: “Ken gave me some really good answers about how young people can help get into the film industry and how he himself got into film.

“At the moment it feels like every industry is difficult to get into, and with the film and creative industries it feels almost impossible. But when things like today happen and you get to actually hear first-hand advice from Ken Loach, for me personally it made me feel like ‘ok there might be a chance, I feel like I could do this now’.

“It’s just such an inspiring thing to have met him and be able to talk about all these things on a personal level.”