Councillor Kaushika Amin, elected the new Mayor of Haringey at the new council’s first full meeting this evening, said that the “reputation” of the mayoral office needs to be “re-built”.

In her acceptance speech, Cllr Amin said that she would “use the experience of past mayors and councillors across the borough” to rebuild and “strengthen” the mayoral office.

She added that she hoped to bring her values to the role, including her belief in “equality”, and announced that the new mayoral charity would be Haringey Citizens' Advice Bureau.

She said:  “For me the most important aspect of the mayoral role is for everyone to feel part of this diverse borough.

"I see the role of mayor as one of privileged stewardship."

Cllr Amin, who has been a Labour councillor in the Northumberland Park ward since 2006, said: “Most people are reluctant to embrace change, so because of that we will take the slow and steady approach”, adding, “I operate through the philosophy that small steps can lead to big change”.