Wood Green town centre is receiving a £4.2million makeover of its pavements, roads, bus stops and bins from Transport for London and Haringey Council.

Work on the project, which began last month, is expected to last until June next year and includes the planting of a number of new trees in the area.

But with confusion over the placement of temporary bus stops and a narrowing of the bustling pavements whilst the 12-month building work is carried out, does the general public feel it is worthwhile?

The Haringey Independent took to the streets to ask them.

Neil McGuiness, 67, from Crouch End, who used to work in the construction industry

“I have never seen so many men working for so long and doing so little. They’ve been there a month and they are the laughing stock of the pub over there.

“The whole thing is a complete waste of time. It is causing chaos around the whole area. They’re all swinging the lead if you ask me.”

Tottenham Independent:

Sara Mariani, a mother-of-three who lives in Alexandra Parade

“The area does need regenerating but I’m a bit shocked it is taking 12 months.

“I only live down the road but I didn’t even know they were doing it. I’m not sure it is worth all of this disruption – why does it need to take one year?

“It is falling apart here and it is a bit stuck in the 1980s but it is an inconvenience with the bus stops being closed.”

Tottenham Independent:

Saphena Anthony, 21, from Tottenham

“It is a lot of disturbance but it needs regeneration – it is a bit dirty around here. I don’t think it will bring in more people though. They need to change the shops and get them up-to-date if they are going to do that.

“12 months is a long time and there are no signs anywhere telling you where the bus stops have been moved to, which is annoying.”

Tottenham Independent:

Derek Binney, 66, from Tottenham

“What can you do – it needs doing. I think they’re taking too much on in one go personally and it is a lot of disruption in the busiest part of Wood Green.

“It is ridiculous that it’s going to take 12 months. It has got to be done but blimey, they need to put a night shift on it or something.”