A police boxing club says it hopes it can persuade young people to stay out of crime.

The Haringey Police Community Amateur Boxing Club will throw an event for 11 to 18-year-olds at Alexandra Palace tomorrow to show people how sport can help keep them from bad influences.

The club, based in Tottenham High Road, was founded in 1999 and is open to all members of the local community.

PC Ken Marsh, event co-ordinator at the club said: "We use the sport to help young people gain confidence and feel better about themselves, which helps them to make the most of their potential and become responsible citizens.

"Many of the young people that box at the club have been referred by the youth offending service. Our boxing club gets young people off the streets and away from the risk of becoming involved in crime.

"Being part of our club means making the right choices and rejecting negative influences, through discipline, self-respect and attaining a healthy lifestyle."

The event takes place ahead of the three day annual Haringey Open Box Cup at the end of June, which will see over 400 amateur boxers compete.

Haringey Borough commander, Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa, said: "Sport has the power to potentially change the lives of young people.

“It enables them to make the right choices and reject negative influences, instilling a confidence, self respect and discipline that can help to make the best of their potential.”