A group of Polish anti-fascists have condemned alleged Neo-Nazi attacks in a park.

Several Polish campaigners attended a peaceful protest held outside Tottenham Town Hall yesterday evening.

A spokesman for the group, who wanted to be known as Greg, said: “Our group is always on all of the demonstrations and marches against fascists and racists in Britain, but after Saturday we feel even more angry because people from our country have come here and done this.

“It’s very frustrating for us as a group, and we’ve come here to show that we’re not going to let it happen.

“This kind of attitude is a general problem in Poland, and it’s not just about fascism.

“When people like this first come here, they feel very alienated, often because they can’t speak English very well.

“Perhaps this is a way they can bond with each other and feel less alienated.”

Organiser of the protest, Gary McFarlane, secretary of Haringey Unite Against Fascism, said that the weekend’s attack was “very, very shocking”, adding that the good turnout at the protest showed the strength of feeling among people.

He added: “We are the many and fascists are the tiny minority.”

David Bennie, chairman of the Green Party, said that he was left “horrified” by Saturday’s events.

He said: “What I love about Haringey is that it’s a totally mixed and harmonious community.

"I don’t know the rationale of the people who carried this out but they’re trying  to attack a community that always gets on well together.”