A community group will celebrate the 150th anniversary of a ‘cloud namer’.

Tottenham Ploughman, a group that organises events to celebrate Tottenham’s heritage, will hold a one-day CloudFest to mark the death of Luke Howard, who created the system of classifying clouds.

Howard, who lived in Bruce Grove, invented the terms cirrus, stratus, cumulus and nimbus still used by meteorologists to describe clouds.

A range of foods will be on sale on the day, including cheese from Wildes Cheese, beer from the Redemption Brewery, and bread from Flourish Bakery.

The Tottenham Civic Society, Bruce Castle Museum and Tottenham Art group will hold an exhibition exploring the life of Howard.

People will also be able to sign an open letter to English Heritage asking them to help preserve Howard’s former home, 7 Bruce Grove.

In April 2002, English Heritage placed a blue plaque at the address at the request of the British Meteorological Office.

Emily Cole, blue plaques historian at English Heritage, said: “Luke Howard’s work is of key significance to meteorologists worldwide, and he deserves to be better known.”

The CloudFest will take place at Bruce Grove Youth Centre, 10 Bruce Grove, N17 6RA this Sunday, July 6, from 11am.