Teachers are threatening strike-action after a school suspended a union representative.

Members of the NUT teaching union at Alexandra Park School raised concerns after the representative was suspended for ‘gross misconduct’.

The school has also threatened Haringey NUT secretary Julie Davies - who does not work at the school - with disciplinary action.

In a letter to union members, Darren O’Grady, regional head of the NUT, said the suspended representative was being ‘victimised’ by the school’s management.

He said they had been suspended for a letter of support to a colleague facing compulsory redundancy, for whom they were gathering signatures.

The letter continued: "The union takes intimidation very seriously, whoever is responsible. Those who hold the authority to discipline others have a clear duty to use that authority wisely and fairly.

"We would not be alerting you to the circumstances of this case without a strong conviction that what it happening must be opposed and that suspension is being misused."

NUT Secretary Ms Davies said the school’s headteacher Mike McKenzie had also threatened her with disciplinary action for an alleged breach of confidence.

In an email to Ms Davies, the headteacher referred to both her and the representative's contract of employment with the school.

Mr McKenzie appeared to warn Ms Davies against intimidating people who come forward during the investigation, adding "any breach of confidentiality could also be considered intimidatory conduct".

In response, Ms Davies argued that union members must be provided with details of their colleague’s suspension in order to decide whether they think it is fair or not.

Alexandra Park School was unavailable to comment on the matter.