An MP has asked the council to clarify its plans for council housing in the borough.

Hornsey and Wood Green MP Lynne Featherstone wrote to Haringey Council’s chief executive Nick Walkley following complaints from council tenants over alleged plans to sell off council housing stock to private landlords.

The affected areas in the MP’s constituency include homes on Park Grove, Durnsford Road, Tunnel Gardens and Blake Road in Bounds Green, homes on the Noel Park estate in Tottenham, and land near Hillcrest in Highgate.

Ms Featherstone’s letter comes in the wake of a protest outside the last full council meeting on June 9 by Haringey Defend Council Housing, which has also said that the council is planning to demolish council housing.

A spokesman for the group said: “The ambition to replace council housing, as supposedly harmful to health, is explicit in council documents.

"At the same time, the council’s Tottenham Futures consultation showed that people want better management of the existing stock, and do not want to be priced out of the area.”

Haringey Defend Council Housing joined campaigners from seven other London boroughs last weekend to form a cross-borough group demanding “really affordable, decent and secure housing”.

MP Lynne Featherstone said it was unacceptable for council housing to be sold off without replacements being built.

She said: “The waiting list for council housing is incredibly long and oversubscribed in Haringey. There are many vulnerable people that need decent homes to live in.

“We need more council housing – not less.

“But Labour-run Haringey Council hasn’t built a single new council home in over 25 years, and now plans to sell off and demolish some of its existing housing stock.

“It is vital that residents are kept updated, and that no social housing stock is sold off without adequate replacement.”

Haringey Council denied that it was selling existing council housing.

A council spokesman said: “As we’ve always made clear, we’re committed to creating a better housing market that helps every Haringey family live in a high-quality home.

“It is not true to suggest we are selling existing council housing. Instead, we are committed to improving existing homes and new building to meet demand – including 250 new council homes and a range of other affordable options.

“The council’s cabinet agreed a housing investment and estate renewal strategy in November, and we have begun consulting with residents to find out how we can achieve their priorities.”