Five projects connected to the borough have been awarded thousands of pounds in lottery funding.

A primary school, a social justice project, an old people’s charity, a charity for disabled children and a campaign for gender equality are among the diverse range of projects awarded the funds.

The cash comes from the London Awards for All fund, backed by the National Lottery, which looks to reward small, community-based projects across the UK.

St Michael’s Primary School, one of the five benficiaries, has been awarded £10,000 for new play equipment.

Journey to Justice has been granted just under £10,000 towards its goal of encouraging young unemployed people to take part in social justice work and tackle racism.

Age UK Haringey has been given around £7,500 to fund speech and language equipment for stroke survivors.

Empowering Women Together has been awarded just under £10,000 to help migrant women from Africa get back-to-work training.

Call, a charity seeking to help the parents of disabled children, has £10,000 towards support workshops and training for parents to help their children live their lives.