A Tottenham artist is in the running to win a Shed of Year award and will be featured on Channel 4 this evening.

Joel Bird built his shed “from scratch” around three years ago, and uses it as an art studio with an allotment on the roof.

The artist grows strawberries, rhubarb, courgettes, broccoli, radishes and broad beans on the unusual allotment plot.

He said the idea came to him because he could not afford to rent a workspace and he was finding getting hold of an allotment “difficult”.

Mr Bird, who now builds bespoke sheds for a living, said: “I think the show does capture something – more and more people work from home. There’s quite a lot of demand for sheds.

“Sheds are not just a place for a man to go and work in, now. It’s about people, and the way they live.”