The summer holidays may have barely begun, but a shopping centre has announced children can meet Santa.

Although not usually sighted until December, the Mall in Wood Green has announced children can visit Father Christmas in his "summer house" at the centre later this month.

Reporter Aime Williams headed down to the Mall to ask shoppers what they thought of Santa in summer.


Tottenham Independent:

Tony Economides, Wood Green

"It doesn’t make a difference to me. It’s just commercialism, isn’t it?"

Tottenham Independent:

Julie Karp, Enfield

"It’s just ridiculous. It’s too early. It’s still summer! Basically, Christmas time should be a few days before Christmas day for those that wish to celebrate that particular holiday. It’s causing far too much stress and unhappiness. I don’t want to go into shops and see Christmas decorations in August, it’s silly. It’s got out of hand."

Tottenham Independent:

Paddy Garvey, on holiday from Ireland

"I don’t really consider anything silly. People now live in this world of virtual reality. I’m of the opinion that we live in a daydream, children don’t go off and entertain themselves anymore. The people bringing Santa in early will put pressure on the parents to buy things. But children should be taught to play without needing all these toys, parents should teach them from an early age."

Tottenham Independent:

Helen O’Donnell, Palmers Green

"It’s a little bit early. I love Father Christmas and I love seeing him in the shops at Christmas time, but bringing him in for summer is a bit cynical."

Tottenham Independent:

Jenna Higgins, Arnos Grove

"It’s fun, but it’s just a bit too early. I’ll feel under pressure to buy my daughter things. It’s putting a lot of stress on people."

Tottenham Independent:

Anne Yeboah, Seven Sisters

"It’s way too early. Christmas is in December. For me, Christmas is not a big thing, but a lot of parents go out and spend hundreds of pounds on their kids. I don’t have credit cards or anything like that, but this stress causes people to get into so much debt. People get scared that they have to buy things so their kids have the same as the other kids in the class at school."