You might think it’s safe to go onto the water at Finsbury Park boating lake, until today that is.

Finsbury Park became Fin-sbury shark after a Great White Shark was seen slicing through the water around boaters, petrifying joggers and dog-walkers alike.

Thankfully for them, the fin was only made out of polystyrene, and was constructed as part of a stunt launched to coincide with the Discovery Channel's shark week.

To convince those passing by, a rowing boat with a huge bite taken out of it was also installed.

The stunt was created by BAFTA award-winning art director Jamie Campbell with an underwater pulley system towing the 'shark' across the lake.

A spokesman for Discovery Channel said:  “When you go for a gentil early morning ride around the shallow Finsbury Park boating lake, the last thing you would expect to encounter is one of nature’s most renowned predators.

“All of the boaters saw the funny side and we can assure everyone that it is perfectly safe to go back in the water.”

Discovery Channel's shark week starts on Sunday.