A Haringey woman does not know where she will end up when she takes part in a sponsored ‘Railway Roulette’ for charity.

Paula Marian, 24, is taking part on Sunday, August 17 in order to support a project that tackles poverty in Nigeria. She will travel to Nigeria in October to work on a development programme for 12 weeks.

Paula said: “What the sponsored event means is that me and some friends are going to turn up at a predetermined London train station, get on the first train that's leaving, and just go as far as it takes us.

“We could be going to Aberystwyth or Abingdon. Newbury, or Newton Abbot. Dover, or Didcot Parkway. We have no idea. Whatever platform the train is leaving from, that's how many stops we'll go.

“We'll sort out all the costs and so on ourselves - so basically, whether you want to help out with a worthy cause, have a good chuckle at whatever unlikely spot we end up in, please do donate something.”

The project in Nigeria is run by the development charity Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), which aims to improve access to employment and food production opportunities for poor communities.

Paula added: “I’m really excited to get out there.”

To sponsor Paula, visit https://www.justgiving.com/Paula-Marian