They are identical in every way – and twins Mario and Omario Brown even received a mirror image of each other’s grades.

The 18-year-old students at Haringey Sixth Form, in White Hart Lane, Tottenham, both achieved distinctions in their B-Tech courses.

Mario, who studied business, is heading to Sunderland University to read business and investigations, while his twin brother will go to Kings College to study biomedical science.

Omario was unwell this morning and unable to collect his results, so it was his twin brother who delivered the news that he had made the grade.

Mario, who lives in Northumberland Park with his brother and mother Jessalyn Morgan, said: "It’s going to be the first time we have ever properly been separated so it’s going to feel a bit weird, but I’m not nervous.

"I’m pleased we both got into university, I’ll miss him but I’ll still see him."