A man has protested that he seems to have “no rights whatsoever” after a block of flats was built within yards of his home.

David Lee is incensed that he was not notified before building began on the flats, which have left his home and garden in darkness

Mr Lee, who runs a record company from his house in Coleridge Road, Crouch End, has compared the situation to planning in another century.

He said: “There had been some shops built close to where I live but now they are starting to develop a block of flats on the same site.

“I was expecting one or two storeys but it is much higher than I thought and it is having a huge effect on my small garden.”

Mr Lee claims that Haringey Borough Council failed to notify him of the plans or the development taking place.

And he believes that because his property is not classed as a normal home, he would not have been able to raise objections.

He said: “They've since told me it wouldn't have made any difference anyway, as my property is categorized as work/live unit, meaning I seemingly have no rights whatsoever.

“This is something you might see in another country or perhaps a hundred years ago when people could build where they like but not in this day and age and it is disgusting behaviour from the council who have not notified me of anything.”

A Haringey Council spokesman said: “We are happy to listen to any concerns from residents.”