New safety measures have been proposed for a busy junction.

Haringey Council is consulting on plans for a ‘speed table’ a long, raised a speed bump at the junction of Alroy and Endymion Road in Harringay.

Traffic islands combined with dropped kerbs to make the road easier to cross on foot are also being considered, alongside a pedestrian crossing further along Alroy Road.

A consultation with the community and Haringey Cycle Campaign will take place in September.

Detailed designs will be drawn up based on the response. The new measures are expected to be installed in January.

Haringey Council says safety will also be improved by a borough-wide 20mph limit in most residential streets. The limit is already in place in Alroy Road and Wightman Road, and is soon to cover many more of the surrounding streets.

The council’s cabinet member for the environment, Councillor Stuart McNamara, said: “Residents will get their say before the final set of measures are installed and we will continue to monitor safety in this road, as we do across the borough.”

The proposals for a pedestrian crossing will be looked at once this improvement is in place and the borough’s 20mph speed limit has come into force.