Leaseholders and tenants have raised concerns over delays to vital maintenance work on their homes.

People living in Headcorn Road, Tenterden Road, Beaufoy Road and Gretton Road, Tottenham have been expecting improvements as part of Homes for Haringey’s Decent Homes Programme since November last year.

Residents say the work should have been finished in May this year but many jobs are still to be completed.

Barbara Cordwell, who is chairman of the HTBG Residents Association, said: “There have been problems with the work from day one.

“They are so behind schedule now, and with the deadline the end of this month, a lot of people are worried the work is just going to be rushed through and we are going to be left with all the problems.

“The whole thing has just been horrendous and we have been trying to raise these issues for over a year but we have just been ignored.”

Kate Worley, who is also a member of the residents association, said: “The fact is it is only 165 homes but it has been badly managed from the start.”

The association says the pilot showroom house was only completed in June, nearly a month after the entire estate was due to be finished.

The Decent Homes programme was stated in 2008 after Homes for Haringey received a grant of £195.5million.

The money has been used to invest in improving council homes across the borough.

A Homes for Haringey spokesman said: “As part of the borough’s Decent Homes programme, 165 homes in the Headcorn, Tenterden, Beaufoy and Gretton areas are receiving a range of improvement works, including replacement windows, front doors, electrical rewiring, external lighting, external cladding and roof replacement or repair.

“Since the start of works additional works were identified which has extended the completion date beyond what was originally planned.

“We are working hard with our contractors and residents to ensure that the remaining works are completed as soon as possible, and we have kept the Residents’ Association informed on a monthly basis about progress of the project.

“Works will not be signed off unless we are satisfied, in consultation with residents, with the quality of work completed.”