A Tottenham man was part of a gang jailed for smashing their way into a luxury watch shop in a shopping centre.

Kaval Kalychurn, 23, of White Hart Lane, broke into the shop in the Westfield Centre with four other men last September.

The group drove into the centre’s car park shortly after midnight on September 5 in a stolen blue BMW.

The driver, Ian Rawlings of Mitchinson Road, remained in the car while the other men ran into the building armed with hammers and an axe. They headed towards the Breitling shop, where they broke in through the windows.

Kalychun stood guard outside the shop with a long handled axe while the other three men smashed displays and attempted to steal the watches.

The group were then surrounded by armed officers and arrested.

Rawlings, who had remained in the car, was spotted by officers trying to make a getaway and followed into Islington, where he crashed into some parked cars.

He then got out of the car and ran into a nearby housing estate. He was arrested a short time later hiding in the downstairs toilet of a house.

The gang were sentenced to seven or eight years each for aggravated burglary at Kingston Crown Court.

Rawlings was also sentenced for a further ten years for conspiring to commit robbery at the Selfridges Wonder Room in early 2013.

Detective Constable Kevin Parley, of the Metropolitan police, said: "This was an organised criminal group who came fully equipped to commit a violent crime.

They gave no thought to the members of the public who were in the centre at the time who could be clearly seen on CCTV fleeing in terror.

“This type of crime is not victimless and the sentences handed to the men reflect that."