Neighbours are angry after a pub was allowed to keep its predecessor's 2am closing time.

Pub chain JD Wetherspoon plans to open its new Mossy Well pub in Muswell Hill on the site of the old Village pub, which closed in 2013.

Rather than apply for a new licence, the company has taken on the Village’s, allowing it to stay open until 2am.

Ben Rogoff, founder of the group Say NO to Late Night Licensing, said the area had changed a lot since the original licence was granted.

He said: “There’s a primary school right opposite where this pub is going to be. The make-up of the area has really changed, this is a quiet residential area now, and it’s really time for the council to look at the licensing policy for the area.

“On the weekends, we surrender the broadway to a completely different group of people to those that live here, and there’s no police presence.”

He added: “We’ve had to call the police a number of times and my car has been broken into six times in the past year. This licensing is a hangover from when Muswell Hill was a different area.”

Wetherspoon has applied to extend the serving hours of the pub to allow them to begin selling alcohol at 9am. It also plans to extend the licensed area, allowing them to serve alcohol on the basement floor.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Martin Newton said he believed the firm should come back with a shorter opening period.

He added: “Certainly I think that residents would be happier if Wetherspoon were to apply for an earlier shut for the premises as a whole.”

Mr Rogoff said: “There’s been a pub on that site for years, I don’t think anybody has any complaints about a pub. It’s the 9am to 2am licensing that we object to, and they’re going to be playing loud music.”

A spokesman for Wetherspoon said the firm is a “responsible pub operator”, adding: “We believe that when pubs are run well and in a responsible manner, which ours are, then people act accordingly."

A Haringey Council spokesman said: “The council’s licensing committee makes decisions in line with national guidelines and always considers comments from the community and other agencies, such as the police.

“We regularly review our licensing policies for different areas and also work in partnership with the police to monitor late night premises, taking action where breaches do take place.”