A 22-year-old who fell in front of a Victoria line train last summer had a disorder that meant he occasionally lost his balance, a court heard today.

Daniel Wacey, of Walthamstow, fell while waiting for a train on the northbound platform of Seven Sisters station on July 31 2013.

He was taken to the emergency department of the Royal London Hospital, where he suffered a cardiac arrest.

In a written statement given to the North London Coroner’s Court this afternoon, Mr Wacey’s GP confirmed that he suffered with dyspraxia, a disorder whose symptoms may include difficulty in maintaining balance.

Constable Steven Tucker, of the British Transport Police, reported that Mr Wacey had been traced along the transport system by CCTV cameras of the day of his death, and appeared to have been alone for several hours.

He fell in front of an oncoming Victoria line train at approximately 11pm.

Constable Tucker reported that there was nobody standing near Mr Wacey at the time of his fall, nor did Mr Wacey appear anxious or distressed.

Mr Wacey’s family said they believed his death was accidental, and that he had leant forward and stumbled.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, the coroner, Mr Andrew Walker, said he was satisfied that this was not an instance of suicide, and agreed with Mr Wacey’s family that he had stumbled and fallen.

He added that the cause of death was multiple injuries.