The newly-appointed general manager of the Lordship Eco-hub says the fundraising group behind its recent success are “overwhelmed”.

Glynis  Kirkwood, a member of the Lordship Eco-hub Co-operative who recently raised £18,000 through a crowd-funding website, said the donations have given the group the confidence to go ahead with their plans for the building.

The group reached their target over the weekend after receiving a mystery donation of more than £750.

Ms Kirkwood said: “We hear so much that there’s no community spirit and that people don’t want to help each other, but this goes to prove that there is that spirit in Tottenham and that when you’re giving people what they want, they’ll be there for you.

“All the help we’ve had has been so heartwarming, even just people re-tweeting our fundraising appeals or passing on the information.

“£18,000 is a huge amount to ask the community to come up with. We weren’t sure it could happen, but people have just come up trumps.”

She added: “I think we’ll go from strength to strength.”

The group will use the money to train people and buy cafe equipment for the hub.

Ms Kirkwood said the mystery donor has so far remained a mystery.

She said:  “There are so many people whose support we’ve been surprised by. People have supported us when it hasn’t been in their interests to.

“It literally could have been anyone who gave us that final donation. It’s really given us the heart to go forward. Community spirit is still alive and well in Tottenham."