A man who fired a gun into a pool hall before turning the weapon on police has been convicted.

Sedat Meric, 25, of Deansway, appeared at The Old Bailey where he was found guilty of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

His accomplice, Oktay Ayanoglu, 22, was convicted of the same offence.

Just before 11pm on May 23 armed officers from the NCA were conducting surveillance near West Green Road, Seven Sisters, with the aim of protecting someone from a threat to their life.

The officers were unable to locate the intended victim in order to warn him of the threat.

But while in West Green Road, they witnessed Meric approach the West Green Pool Bar in the company of Ayanoglu and fire three shots into the venue.

When officers identified themselves, Meric turned and fired in their direction, before running off and shooting eight times at the pursuing officer, who then returned fire.

Realising he had run out of ammunition, Meric discarded the gun on the pavement and subsequently gave himself up.

Having been called at approximately 10.05pm to alert them to shots fired in West Green Road, police attended the scene and arrested Meric.

Ayanoglu was arrested running from the scene.

There were no reports of any injuries and detectives from the Met's Trident Gang Crime Command commenced an investigation into the incident.

Three days after the original incident, officers arrested two further men - 'D' 34 yrs and 'E' 21 yrs - in connection with the investigation after a car was stopped in Walton Road at its junction with Broad Lane, Haringey.

Met specialist firearms officers were also on the scene and a police firearm was discharged. There were no injuries.

This matter was referred to the IPCC, who passed it back to the Met for investigation by the Department of Professional Standards. Following a review it was concluded that officer actions were proportionate and reasonable.

'D' was subsequently charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life; however the case against him was later dropped at court.

No further action was ultimately taken in relation to 'E'.

Meric and Ayanoglu are due to sentenced at the same court on 9 January.

Both were acquitted of attempted murder.

DI Shaun Fitzgerald, from the Trident Gang Command, said: "Meric went out that evening intent on causing fear and intimidation and with no regard for who may have got caught up in the crossfire. Shooting at officers of the law highlights his complete disregard.

“I commend the officers from the National Crime Agency for their bravery in the face of an armed man. It is sheer luck that no one was injured as a result of this incident and it highlights the inherent dangers present when carrying a gun."

Rob Lewin, Head of the NCA's Specialist Operations Unit, said: “The NCA officer demonstrated professionalism and bravery in the face of extreme danger.

“All NCA firearms officers are trained to the highest standards; the measured and proportionate actions of the officer protected the public in what was a highly volatile situation.”