New figures show that 68 per cent of people in Haringey have confidence in the police.

The online Neighbourhood Confidence Comparator, which allows people to see how well their neighbourhood is performing compared to London’s other 108 policing neighbourhoods, categorises areas according to economic and social data.

Results show police in Haringey is ranked in the middle of the league table of London boroughs.

People in Richmond are happiest with their police force, with 86 per cent of people saying they confident, while those with least confidence, at 49 per cent, are in Newham.

Confidence differs across Haringey’s three police neighbourhoods, with a score of 59 per cent in Haringey East, 61 per cent in Haringey North, and 58 per cent in Haringey West.

Both Haringey East and Haringey North are classified as "deprived multi-ethnic" along with eleven other neighbourhoods, with confidence ranging from 50 per cent in Barking and Newham East to 74 per cent in Waltham Forest Central.

Haringey West is classified as "aspirational bustle". Ten other neighbourhoods come under this type and the confidence levels range from 58 per cent in Haringey West to 78 per cent in South Fulham and Wimbledon.

The deputy mayor for policing and crime Stephen Greenhalgh said: “We know that the police themselves can work to improve confidence by engaging with the public, communicating well and addressing local concerns.

“For the first time we are giving Londoners a clear picture of confidence in their neighbourhood, and we are challenging local police forces to do better.

“Right now in Haringey, confidence in the police is not as high as we would like, although some parts of the borough have higher confidence scores.

"We hope these tools will be used by local police leaders to make fair comparisons between similar neighbourhoods in order to learn from areas of London with higher levels of confidence.”