Angry teenagers have launched a campaign to save their youth centre.

Members of Bruce Grove Youth Centre have gathered almost 600 signatures in an online petition to save their youth centre.

They fear Haringey Council plans to close it as part of cuts to its youth service budget.

Writing on the online website ipetition, the group Save Our Youth Services said: “We believe the proposals to cut this service and close this youth centre do not make any sense and ask you to think again and not cut the youth service, and not close Bruce Grove Youth Centre and not sack our youth workers before you make a mistake that damages our borough.”

On its website, Haringey Council says it is “proposing a shift away from current youth centre provision with more focus on ensuring that our young people have the skills in life to succeed”.

The youth centre group says more than 200 people from Tottenham use the service, and that youth workers help the teenagers with personal problems, getting a job and doing homework.

The petition adds: “We are upset that the description on the council website is tricking people to support cutting and closing us by making people think this is ‘investing in young people’.

“We would like for someone to talk to us and ask us what we want. We understand that managers are telling politicians that they have asked us and we support these proposals.

“Those of us that attend Bruce Grove youth centre, our elected youth councillors and our elected UK Youth Parliament representative have not been asked anything.

“Our youth workers really help us, and our youth centre is always busy and gives us something to do and helps us with a lot of problems our parents and teachers do not.

“We believe closing our youth centre and sacking our youth workers will make life for us worse and we do not understand why the council is doing this.

“Since the riots everyone says they will help young people. This is not helping.”