A FRUSTRATED driver is challenging fine he recieved for parking in a "poorly marked bay".

Christopher Demson was visit a freind in Mayfield Crescent, Enfield, when he was ticketed and charged £55.

Tottenham Independent:

The ticket, which was not signed, was for parking in a "special enforcement area" - even though the lines are faded and unclear.

Mr Demson, of Cheshunt, now claims the charge should be invalid as he says the lines of the space are not clear.

The company director, who works at Avalon Kitchen and Bedroom Designs, based in Chingford, said: “It is frustrating because the council are using a private company who just want their profit.

“It’s not about the fine, it is about the justice. I pay my road tax but they don’t maintain the roads with the money we pay.

“The line was poorly marked and when I called the Citizens’ Advice Bureau they advised me to contest it.”

The tyres of his black BMW were mounted slightly on the curb.

The unsigned ticket was issued at 8.15pm on a Sunday evening last month when it was left in a parking bay by a dipped curb.

Parking charges can be challenged when the lines are faded, or hidden by trees or the driver could not see any road markings or signs. Mr Demson, 28, argues his alleged contravention falls into this category.

But when Mr Demson spoke to the Enfield Council, it advised him that he would still need to pay.

The disgruntled driver claims that the council have taken down the initial pictures taken by the warden because they illustrated his point.

He added: “When I called the council, I told them that the only reason they knew about the fine was because of my honesty as the ticket left on my car was unsigned.

“When it was the council, they would overturn unfair charges, but because they are using a private company, they try and get any money they can to cover the costs.

“I didn’t even see the ticket until I got close to the car as it was so dark.

“It was a Sunday night, and the council would not have sent anyone out for such a minor thing.”

The charge on the ticket sited code 27, which is enforced to prevent dropped curbs from being blocked, but Mr Demson says he was not obstructing access and had parked.

Although he plans to pay the fine, Mr Demson is challenging the ticket as he does not believe that responsible drivers who pay their road tax should be culpable for extra fares.

Enfield Council has been contacted for comment.