A HEARTBROKEN mother whose daughter vanished without a trace two years ago is desperate for answers about what happened.

Kerryce Waite, who worked for an accountancy firm, was living in Tottenham with her long-term boyfriend, Adrian, when she went missing on February 1, 2015.

Her distraught mother, Jean Waite, says she never stopped thinking about Kerryce, who was an “ordinary, happy 36-year-old woman”.

Mrs Waite said: “Her life was good. She had a lot of friends. She enjoyed her life. She can’t have just disappeared off the face of the planet. Somebody must know something.

“She is a human being. I do not want her to be just another statistic. People who go missing are still real humans with real feelings.”

Mrs Waite, who raised Kerryce and her sister in Roehampton but has since moved to Devon, recently suffered a stroke.

The stress of not knowing where her daughter is has affected her health and she struggles eating and sleeping.

She said she would respect Kerryce, who would now be 38, if leaving was her choice – but she is desperate to know her daughter is okay.

She said: “I hate to think that she is lost or hurt and cannot help herself.”

“It is so hard, especially at Christmas, having all of the family here and an empty place at the table.

“You see appeals for donkeys and cats, and all animals. We care more about animals than people. I love animals, but surely human life is worth more?”

She added she felt disappointed with the police’s response, saying: “If she was a wanted criminal she would have been found by now.

“The police have let her down by not finding her. Although she’s an adult in the prime of her life, they should keep looking for her. I feel like they are basing the search on her age.

“She is still my child and will always be my child, no matter how old she is. No matter how old you are, the pain you feel is the same. It’s devastating.”

Kerryce, who had a degree in sociology, loved to travel and her disappearance is “very out of character.”

She added: “I would obviously like to find her and ask if anybody has seen her.

“She is a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister. She was loved by all of us and we miss her so much. She belongs with us.

“Just because a missing person is not a teenager, does not mean that their life is less important.”

Statistics from the Home Office in 2010 showed that an estimated 250,000 are reported missing each year.

The Independent has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.

According to the charity Missing People, 91 per cent of all cases of missing people reported to the police were closed within 48 hours, and 99 per cent were solved within one year.

If you have any information about Kerryce, information on another missing person or are yourself a missing person contact Missing People for free on 116 000 or 116000@misssingpeople.org.uk.