A CELEBRATION for diversity against racism is planned for this weekend.

The Battle of Wood Green at 40 festival marks the time when anti-fascists asserted their disapproval of a march of the National Front.

On April 23 1977 several thousand fascists had planned to march from Ducketts Common opposite Turnpike Lane underground station down Wood Green’s main shopping street.

Adolf Hitler’s birthday was on April 20.

Keith Flett, member of Haringey Trade Union Congress and organisers of the event, said: “The Battle of Wood Green was the first of a series of confrontations with fascist elements during that period in history, most notably in Lewisham.

“I believe that it is important to mark the 40th anniversary of the Battle because it is still within living memory of those who were there.

“Overcoming the fascist march back then helped make Haringey the diverse multi-cultural community it is today.

“It is important to keep making progress and looking forward.”

Planned speakers include Jeremy Corbyn, Catherine West and David Lammy.

Mr Corbyn was a trade union official and Labour councilor in Haringey back then and had called for the National Front march not to be permitted Anti-fascists, trade unionists and socialists united the stop their advance by sheer force of numbers, and some fighting did break out.

Following the Battle of Wood Green the Anti-Nazi League came into existence and the first Rock Against Racism music festival took place a year later in 1978.

Commemoration of the Battle of Wood Green’s 40th Anniversary is at Ducketts Common on Sunday 23rd April from noon with speakers and entertainment.

A seminar on the Battle is at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet Street, WC1 and is free.

Those with memories of the events in Wood Green in 1977 are most welcome.