A STRONGLY worded letter has been sent to David Burrowes from parents, teachers and campaigners demanding he fight central government’s proposed education funding cuts.

Over 200 people who have some involvement with Hazelwood Schools in Palmers Green have expressed their belief that the suggested cuts will have an adverse affect on their school’s curriculum.

The group communicate as one voice when in the letter it is stated that: ‘My child attends Hazelwood School and they have over the past few years reduced their budget by £100,000 due to the pressure of flat cash funding.

‘This has meant fewer Teaching Assistants in the school which impacts on pupils’ learning and the school’s capacity to support targeted individuals with specific needs.

‘This financial year the school has only been able to set a balanced budget by cutting its cost by £140,000.

‘This has meant not replacing a member of the senior leadership team and by reducing its spend on core budgets such as staff training, pupil resources, ICT and consumable materials.’

Further financial concerns are expressed in the letter: ‘Hazelwood is set to lose £150,000 from its budget through the National Funding Formula alone.

‘Over the next three years they are set to lose £60,000 through a drop in Pupil Premium (Free School Meal eligibility), an additional £108,000 through changes to SEND funding and £150,000 due to flat cash funding.

‘This is a total of £468,000 which is equivalent to the schools losing 16 teachers.’

Headteacher Nicky Ross, said: “Whilst we will continue to work hard to protect the children from the inevitable impact of these cuts and keep the essence of what makes our school unique and genuinely reflective of the community we serve, it will inevitably damage their learning experience for years to come.”

Mr Burrowes, who wishes to remain MP for Enfield Southgate after the general election, said: “I am pressing for the next budget after the general election to include increased school funding.”