A welder who won a life-changing sum of money has already bought a new home for himself and his family.

Lucky Valentin Zafirov, 40, lives in Carterhatch Lane in Enfield and won 248,000euros after placing a euromillions online bet on Tuesday March 21.

Valentin, who works at Frixos Metal Works, matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star which landed him the significant sum, but at first he may have been a little frustrated.

Valentin, said: “When I saw the results, I was so happy but I have to admit all I could think was – ‘I was one number away from winning £21 million!’

“I am a welder by trade and trust me, sparks were flying when I found out!”

He flew to Varna in Bulgaria where his wife Darina and a 20-year-old son Christian still live on winning the prize and bought a £50,000 four-bedroom house.

Next on his shopping list is a bigger mortgaged property in London and a new Ford Fiesta.

He will also make sure that his son’s university education can be funded from the winnings.

Valentin will continue to work and live in Enfield where he is happy, and his friends and colleagues are chancing their hand at the lottery to see if they can be fortunate too.