Communities have been given permission to hold their own free street parties on either of two days next month.

Neighbours have to apply to Enfield Council for the right to celebrate The Big Lunch on either Saturday June 17 or Sunday June 18.

If they apply they will be able to take advantage of the Council’s decision to waive the customary charge for holding street parties.

Councillor Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council member for the environment, said: “This fabulous event is all about community, bringing people together from all strands of life and what better way to do this that through food!

“It is also a great opportunity to raise money for good causes.

“If there is a charity you’d like to support or if you just want a chance to get to know your neighbor, download your project pack and get organizing.”

The Big Lunch is in its ninth year and a UK-wide idea from educational charity and social enterprise Eden Project.

Last year 7.3 million people came together to share food, drink and good-times on the streets, gardens and neighbourhoods where they live.

Applications to be involved must reach Enfield Council by Monday May 15.

Guidance on how to apply can be found at

Big Lunch starter packs containing all planning information needed to host an event can be found at