Spurs fans feeling emotional at the impending demolition of their historic football ground have the chance to raise cash for a youth charity by watching a film documenting the club’s past.

Die-hard supporters can watch the documentary called Memory Lane online or by organizing community screenings; all moneys raised will be donated to multi-award winning youth charity Exposure, which operates from Muswell Hill.

The documentary film’s makers worked with historians, writers and former players to make Memory Lane an informative and nostalgic re-telling of the Tottenham Hotspur story.

Zeno Citium, the passionate fan who wrote and directed Memory Lane, said: “On and off it took two years to make and was a real labour of love.

“Another fan called Gary – who used to work for Exposure – narrates the film and we’ve used lots of archive material from Bruce Castle Museum.”

Beginning with the creation of the club by bored grammar school boys the documentary moves through the glory years of the 1960s to the current crop of players who this season challenged for the premier league title.

The documentary is also an insight into the football club’s social history with Spurs playing the first black outfield player in the old division one, Walter Till, and its strong anti-Nazi stand.

Zeno, said: “When researching the film we uncovered stuff that surprised me.

“I didn’t know that England played Germany at White Hart Lane in the mid-1930s.

“Even then Spurs were known as the club that had Jewish support.

“The Germans did the Nazi salute and one fan went up to the top of the stand and pulled down their flag, which was great.”

On the subject of the demolition of White Hart Lane and the construction of the new stadium, Zeno, said: “The excitement about the new ground tempers the sadness.

“But I’ve done my mourning through making the film.”

A screening of Memory Lane is timetabled for Sunday June 11 from 1pm to 5pm at Bruce Castle Museum where other Spurs-related music and dance and arts and crafts events will take place.

To make a donation to see the film go to www.fightingcock.co.uk/2016/05/memory-the-world-famous-home-of-the-spurs-story/