People have been left without water in the extreme heat after a fault has left homes without water.

Houses in Enfield and Barnet have been affected by the Affinity Water glitch, which happened because "too many people" are using water at peak times.

The issue has hit mothers in the area hard, as many are struggling to keep their babies and children cool in the soaring temperatures.

And they say the excuse given is "not good enough", having experienced three water shortages in the past six months.

Paola Nato, of Cockfosters, Enfield, said: “Water stopped flowing from my tap at around 7.30 yesterday and I was unable to bathe my five-month-old baby or three-year-old child.

“I have experience problems with sterilizing bottles and preparing meals because of the lack of running water, and I am considering relocating to my mum’s until the problems Affinity Water are facing are resolved.

“This is the third time in six months that there has been a water shortage in the Barnet and Enfield area.

“One occurred on 29th May because of a burst water main.”

Affinity Water has asked customers to use water wisely during the heat wave to help them with supplying enough water so people can drink, wash and cook.

The company intends to divert water from other areas to restore water supply during peak periods.

An Affinity Water spokesperson said: “During the night, we isolated a water storage facility in the Barnet area to enable it to refill and to help meet peak demand for the morning.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank our customers for their continued patience.

 “We are asking all customers to use water wisely, to reduce the demand on our network, which will help us ensure there is enough water for essentials such as drinking, washing and cooking.

“We have re-zoned parts of our network to bring in water from other areas and we expect this to improve supplies, though these may be at a lower pressure than normal, due to the very high demand for water during this hot weather.

“Where some customers have experienced a reduction or loss of water pressure, this situation should improve outside peak demand periods.”