A man whose pregnant wife cracked open an egg to find green liquid that “stank like diarrhea” says he is shocked the supermarket has refused to carry out testing.

John Alexandrou arrived home to find his house “reeking” after his wife Claudia, 22, had attempted to bake a batch of cupcakes.

The 38-year-old had bought a six-pack of free range eggs for £2.80 from Sainsbury’s in Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill on Wednesday August 23.

The salesman of Hedge Lane, Palmers Green called the supermarket’s customer care line to ask them to test the liquid only to be told to chuck it in the bin.

He said: “When I returned form walking the dog on Sunday my wife was standing outside the front door waiting for me.

“The moment I opened the door the smell was vile. It was like diarrhea.

“It is scary because I don’t know if the gasses that exploded from the egg are harmful for her. It could be poisonous.

“She felt sick that evening and was dizzy.

“I was surprised when Sainsbury’s refused to take it. They offered me £10 credit on my Nectar card but I said I didn’t want the money.

“It’s the principle. People should know about this.”

The carton of eggs which do not expire until September 6 are certified organic and bear the RSPCA logo.

Out of half a dozen of the UK-laid eggs, just one was rotten.

Mr Alexandrou and Claudia, who is eight months pregnant, said in the past they have never had any problems with groceries from the store which they do their weekly shop at.

The expectant father decided to store the green egg in a container in the fridge in his garage in the hope of Sainsbury’s changing their mind.

“Even now if you open the fridge door it’s like you are in the sewers,” he said.

“They were not some cage eggs from the corner shop – they were the most expensive eggs and you would assume they are of the best quality.

“If you were cooking a stir-fry with vegetables and mixed it into the wok you might not notice it was bad.

“My mother is 65 and she grew up around farms in Cyprus and she hasn’t see anything like it.

“It was shocking that something like this got thought the system. They should have sent someone around immediately to examine it.”

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “We apologise to Mr. Alexandrou for this unpleasant find.

“Incidents like this are extremely rare and we work closely with our suppliers to prevent this type of problem.”