A waste services officer has donated money he found to charity.

Ricky Andrews stumbled across a £10 note amongst the debris he was sifting for Enfield Council in Hertford Road.

Instead of going to the police, which no longer accepts lost property, Mr Andrews decided to give the cash to Enfield Mayor councillor Christine Hamilton’s charity, Enfield Cares.

In response to the kind-hearted action Councillor Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “What a great and honest gesture from our waste enforcement officer Ricky.

“We are very glad he chose to make a deposit into the Enfield Mayor’s charity.

“It certainly puts a spin on the term ‘filthy lucre’.

“On a serious note, the waste enforcement team has the rather unsavoury task of sifting through illegally dumped rubbish in order to find clues about offenders.

“Once evidence has been found, a fly-tipper would be slapped with a £400 fixed penalty notice.

“We hope this particular fly-tipper will be caught.

“Perhaps he or she will be encouraged to make a donation to the Mayor’s charity too.”

Enfield Council spends around £800,000 annually on fly-tips at a time when it has a challenging savings target of £56 million to be reached by 2019 / 2020.