A club drug clinic is calling for people to get help following a report showing substance use is on the rise.

The Haringey Club Drug Clinic has urged users of drugs such as ketamine and mephrodrone to seek help as use of the substances can lead to physical and psychological problems.

Dr Pardeep Grewal, from the clinic said: “In recent years numerous new dangerous and addictive club drugs have appeared on the recreational drug scene.

“Club drugs can cause a number of physical and psychological problems. We would encourage anyone who is developing a problem with club drugs to come to the clinic, and get help.”

According to figures National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse 6,486 people were treated for a club drug last year compared to 4,656 in 2005.

The clinic is part of the Drug and Alcohol Service (DASH) run by the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust, based at St Ann’s Hospital, St Ann’ Road and is open to anyone wanting help with drug problems.