A charity which supports disabled children is calling for help to raise money for its annual Christmas activity week.

Kath and Kids, founded in Haringey 43 years ago, has launched a Christmas appeal to help raise £5,000 for its annual five-day project for young people and adults with learning disabilities.

The charity, which has raised just over £3,000 for the appeal so far, hopes to raise the money to help pay for the workshop between Christmas and new year and the hire of a minibus.

Maithi Rajeshkumar from Kath and Kids said: “It’s really heartening to know what a difference an individual can make.

“Raising £3,000 in two weeks is wonderful but we still have a long way to go and need to get the message out to as many people as possible.

“By donating to a small charity like Kith & Kids, people can know that their money will have gone directly to those with learning disabilities or autism in their local community.”

The charity helps support more than 350 families in the borough and provides learning and leisure activities for people with learning disabilities and autism and giving information and support to parents.