People are calling for a community centre to be opened up and used by the public.

Members of the public who live around Templeton Hall Community Centre, in Templeton Road, South Tottenham, are calling for the hall to be opened up for more groups to use.

But Haringey Borough Council, which operates the building, has told them that it is not available for hire, even though the hall is used by a group once a week.

Gary Irving, 45, who has lived in Templeton Road near the centre for 21 years, said: “The hall always used to have its doors open and there was always something on for people to go to, whether they were young or old.

“It doesn’t seem right that only one group is using it. The building is not being used to its full potential and it seems just a waste.”

Jim Cassins, head of the Seven Sisters residents association, said: “We really haven’t been told anything by the council about the building, despite several people enquiring about renting it out.

“We’re not complaining about the group which is using it at the moment, but it just isn’t fair that one group is allowed to use it, but no one else can.

“The community could really benefit from the building. The young people in Seven Sisters and south Tottenham have nowhere to go and this hall could be a place where clubs could be set up for them.”

The hall is used once a week by the Young at Heart group, which the council says has a “long-standing agreement" to use it.

Later this year the council will be conducting a review of 31 community centres in the borough, but Templeton Hall does not appear on the list.

The Haringey Independent has contacted the council about the hall and is awaiting a reply.