Tottenham head coach Tim Sherwood has responded to criticism by former Spurs manager Glenn Hoddle, saying that "the game has moved on quite significantly" since Hoddle last managed.

Hoddle, who managed Spurs between 2001 and 2003 and left his last position with Wolves in 2006, criticised the laid back nature of the Spurs players in the tunnel prior to last weekend's 4-0 defeat at Liverpool.

The Spurs legend was part of Sky Sports' punditry team at Anfield, suggesting that the players' body language suggested they were beaten before the game had even kicked off.

Tottenham subsequently conceded a comical own-goal from defender Younes Kaboul after just two minutes.

Sherwood took his chance to respond to Hoddle's claims today, telling the Daily Mail: "It's been a long time since Glenn Hoddle has managed a football team and the game has moved on quite significantly.

"I'm not saying that it's anything to do with whether the body language is correct or not, but that wouldn't have been brought up if we had gone out and won the game," continued Sherwood.

"I think you can look at history at some teams who played very well from the outset, probably won the game very easily, and some of them might have been leaning on the walls and doing that, but it never would have been brought up."