Haringey topped the list of newcomers to the BMX event at the London Youth Games on Sunday.

It was the first time Haringey had fielded a BMX team at the Games, which saw a record 24 boroughs enter the event.

The Haringey team, made up of members of the volunteer-led Tottenham Bike Club, raced in the junior, youth and senior categories.

They finished ahead of all the other new teams competing as well as last year’s champions Hounslow.

Ricardo Brown made it through to the quarter finals of the senior race, while eight-year-old Andre Sobers-Bailey took first place in one of the junior group finals.

“I’m so proud of our riders,” said Louis John, chair of the Tottenham Bike Club.

“It’s the first time they’ve raced, but they came to the track full of energy and the desire to win--and look at the results.

“The fact they’ve been able to do this when there isn’t even a BMX track in Haringey makes their achievement all the more remarkable,” he added.

The club is calling for a new BMX track to built in the borough.

John said: “Our young riders have got the talent and passion.

“But without the same facilities that other clubs have, it'll be hard for them to develop to their full potential.”