Sunderland's on-loan left back Danny Rose says he has no intention of returning to Tottenham next season if it means he will be sitting on the bench.

"I honestly do not know what will happen next season," Rose said.

"I do love Tottenham, they have done a lot for me over the years, I will be forever grateful for the stage I am at now. It's hugely down to them.

"But I am not prepared to go back to sit on the bench and watch other people play football. I've done that enough."

"I've got friends progressing into the England team and being in the squads,” he continued. “I'd like to think one day I'll have a shot at doing that.

"I'll only get that when I'm playing week-in, week-out, and I'm doing that here. I'm enjoying it here and I love being back up north.

"Nothing has been discussed with the management here or the management there about what's going to happen next season.

"I want to reiterate I will not be looking to sit on somebody else's bench again."