IS spring nearly here?

I saw a daffodil this morning, peeping up through the soil, that's proof enough that spring has sprung. I'm loving the fact that it's light until 5:15 at night. Barbeques are on the way boys and girls!

I love it when it's like this, you know, drinking in beer gardens, long evenings with a bottle of wine on the patio. The smell of fresh cut grass and the faint sound of a flymo for 6 hours a day. BRING IT ON.

But as I stare outside with my newly placed eye, (Oh yeah, had the thing popped out and put back in with a spoon. YES a SPOON. It was to stop me looking like a mad man in family photo's, well nearly. I had a dodgy eye muscle that made me look like I was drawer full of spoons missing a kettle!) I've noticed that the Mrs is bringing in frozen washing from the line and she looks might peeved off that all Luca and Lottie's clothes are wet and the whole hanging it out to dry idea is completely useless until about June. Roll on summer, my washing needs it!

Away from the house, it's been a funny few days here at Key103. We had Kate Thornton on the show this week. She's lovely and damn stunning! No wonder Shayne ward kept kissing and hugging her on the X-Factor. You can listen again if you fancy on Did you also know that every Friday in March you could be winning £10,000 with me as we play Key 103's Sell Me The Answer.' It's great, and it's my idea!

To play, answer this question: What is the A580 better known as?

If you know the answer text SELL, a space and your answer to 63103 (text cost £1.50 plus your standard network rate.) For example, 'SELL CHESTER ROAD' and send to 63103. All the right answers will be put into the Thursday draw at 5pm on Ditchy's Drive Home. If the computer picks you, you'll be live in the 'Sell Me The Answer' hot seat here at Key 103 on Friday's Toolan in the Morning from 7.30am and in for a chance winning £10,000 pounds.

But where does it go from there? Well, there are just 5 questions between you and the £10,000 prize. We'll give you £2,000 for getting the above questions right. Then all you've got to do is hold on to it. So, where's the catch?

These ain't no normal questions. Get one question wrong and you blow the lot. Your only choice should you stall is to ask the people of Greater Manchester and ask them to sell you the answer.

Negotiate your price for the answer, then gamble on the answer they give you. It might be right, it might be wrong. It might be worth another two grand. Which way will you play?

Enter now by texting your answer to the question above. If you're right, you could be in the hot seat on Friday morning playing for £10,000 and asking Manchester to 'Sell Me The Answer'.

Before I go, how do you fancy winning a Key 103 goody bag? For a chance of winning this great prize, answer the question printed below and send it with your full name, address and daytime telephone number to the address shown.

Question: Which X Factor presenter was on the show this week? A) Kate Cadbury B) Kate Thornton C) Kate Galaxy Entries please to: Key 103 Goody Bag Competition, Messenger Newspapers, Brindley House, 25 Ashton Lane, Sale, Greater Manchester, M33 6TP. The first correct entry from the bag will win a Key 103 Goody bag. To be drawn after the closing date of Friday, March 16.

Right. My turn to brave the cold and walk the dogs. Have fun until next time, Mike.