TV presenter Lorraine Kelly transformed into her drag queen alter ego as she graced the cover of Attitude magazine.

Kelly, who celebrated her 60th birthday last month, looked almost recognisable as Morning Gloria.

Appearing to be inspired by Queen Elizabeth I, Kelly donned a ginger wavy wig reminiscent of the monarch, with a tartan crown perched on top of her head.

She wore a shoulderless red gown with theatrically puffy sleeves and was dripping in jewellery, notably pearls around her neck.

Kelly bit one of her gloved fingers while posing for the cover.

In the accompanying interview, she told LGBTQ magazine Attitude why she wanted to do drag.

“It’s like you’re a supercharged version of yourself,” she said. “You’re still you but you can sort of be someone else, which is great.

“There is a little show-off inside that I keep damping down, and today that show-off is allowed to come out and that’s empowering.

“It’s like the really naughty rebel, which I was in my teenage years, came out to play. And I never thought with the size of my bottom that I’d need padding but it was amazing how it really accentuated my figure!”

Kelly, whose TV career began in 1984 and features stints on TV-am, GMTV, ITV Breakfast and Daybreak, also discussed her support for the LGBT community, saying it is vital to confront bigotry.

She said: “We’re all entitled to our points of view when it comes to politics but if something’s actually wrong, it doesn’t matter whether you’re really left, right or in the middle, I don’t care what party you’re in.”

Kelly cited the Labour part’s handling of anti-Semitism, calling it “wrong”, before criticising politicians she says have a “wrong” stance on the LGBT community.

Lorraine Kelly appears on the cover of Attitude Magazine (Attitude)

She said: “And you’ve got people like Esther McVey and Ann Widdecombe with their stance on the whole LGBTQ community, which is wrong.

“I don’t find that political, I just find that this is either right, or it isn’t. My point of view is that if something’s unjust, or not right, you should call it.”

Viewers can see Kelly’s drag transformation on Lorraine on ITV from 8.30am.

Attitude magazine is out now.