A councillor says he is shocked at the news Turnpike Lane’s Banksy artwork has been removed and put on an online auction website.

Last week workmen were seen round the piece of art, called Bunting Boy, which was on the side of Poundland, in Whymark Avenue.

The image appeared on the wall in May last year showing a child labourer making Union Jack bunting.

Councillor Alan Strickland, cabinet member for economic development, from Haringey Borough Council has been vocal about the sudden disappearance of the artwork online.

He said: "The Banksy appeared last May and created lots of excitement in the area - people were coming from across London to see it.

"We were really proud to have a Banksy in our neighbourhood, so residents were shocked to realise it had been ripped out of the wall."

"The community feels that this art was given to us, for free, and it's now been taken away to be sold for huge profit. I'm very angry about the Banksy going - we want out Banksy back."

The work has appeared on the US Fine Art Auctions Miami website and with a starting price of $400,000, equivalent to more than £250,000.