Haringey Borough Council has written an open letter calling for an auction house to suspend the sale of Turnpike Lane's Banksy piece.

The letter, which the council says is from the people of Haringey, calls on Fine Art Auctions Miami to suspend its online sale of the Banksy artwork, which was removed from the side of Poundland in Whymark Avenue last week.

It is addressed to Frederic Thut, the owner of the auction house in which the mural has been put on sale with a starting price of $400,000, equivalent to more than £250,000.

In the letter the council says: “When the people of Haringey realised the mural had been taken from them this week, they were angry and disgusted that someone could try to make money from a piece of community art.

“For you to allow it to be sold for huge profit in this way would be morally wrong, and completely contrary to the spirit in which we believe it was given to our community.”

The letter ends: “We urge you to abandon the sale and return this important piece of art to Haringey, where it belongs.”

The council is also calling on people to use the letter template to write to the auction house and urge them to stop the sale, which is due to take place on Saturday.

Councillor Alan Strickland, who has been investigating the circumstances of the removal, said: “Our residents have made it clear to me how angry and disappointed they are that this mural has been removed from the heart of their community.

“The Banksy had become a well known local landmark and a truly unique feature of Wood Green High Road, and we are determined to see it back where it belongs.”

People can read the letter by clicking here.