Artists hope a wall formerly home to Turnpike Lane’s Banksy should become an “evolving installation piece” for the community to use. 

The stencilled art work disappeared more than a week ago to resurface on an American online auction site with a starting price of $400,000 - more than £260,000.

Due to go on sale at 8pm on Saturday, it was unexpectedly withdrawn from sale at the last minute following pressure from Haringey’s politicians and outcry from people in the area.

New work has appeared on the wall, on the side of Poundland, including graffiti warning onlookers about the dangers of thieves.

Turnpike Art Group (TAG), which aims to improve urban spaces through art, hopes the space will become an open space to encourage artistic expression.

The group said on its website: “Might it be that the former site of the Wood Green Banksy be utilised as a continually evolving space - where we get to leave our mark, as an expression of free will, and a statement for the liberating act of making art?

“And might it be, that the owner of this wall allows this to happen, perhaps even donates this space for the in absentia mural?”

They suggested that it could be suitable if the original Banksy is never reinstalled,  but stored “safely away from temptation”.

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