Tottenham Hotspur has been given government approval to create its own college specialising in science, sport and health.

The new University Technical College (UTC) will be run by the club in collaboration with Middlesex University and will be based in Tottenham.

The club hopes the new facility will provide high quality, full-time education alternative for young people between the ages of 14 and 18.

Daniel Levy, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club chairman, said: “Tottenham is an area in desperate need of regeneration and, as one of its main employers, we recognise the unique role we have in this community to effect change.

“We are delighted that our joint bid to create a UTC in Tottenham has been successful.

“The Tottenham UTC would deliver significant benefits for young people across North London by providing a high quality, targeted education that would equip them with key technical skills and enable them to take up jobs in the future.

“Delivering a curriculum around sport, science and health, both our Club and our Foundation would be involved in it, making it a truly unique and compelling educational facility.”

The Tottenham UTC is one of 13 new institutions which have been announced b the government today which aim to give teenagers targeted vocational training.

Melvyn Keen, deputy chief executive of Middlesex University, said: “There are many exciting career opportunities in science, health and sport and these industries are hungry for skilled staff and ambitious graduates.

“We’re delighted to sponsor a project that will harness the talent of young people in North London, and we look forward to working with our Tottenham UTC partners to create some really exciting opportunities.”

Planning around the delivery of the UTC will now begin and will include a consultation phase with parents and businesses.