Police say a fire which was caused by a cannabis factory could have been a lot worse.

The fire in Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill, was caused by overloaded electrical cabling used for growing of cannabis.

London Fire Brigade were called to the first floor flat just after 1pm yesterday and had the blaze under control by 2.20pm. No one was injured.

Police officers were called to the scene by fire crews and found the remains of 25 cannabis plants and cultivation equipment including high-intensity lighting, ventilation and irrigation equipment.

As a result of the fire, police are calling for people to contact police if they suspect if drugs are being grown near them.

Chief Inspector Jude Beehag-Fisher from Haringey Police said: "Thankfully the fire was discovered and quickly extinguished, but the consequences could have been far more serious.

"My officers are targeting drug related crime and anti-social behaviour daily under Operation Hawk and this incident illustrates one of the many reasons that we urge people to contact us if they have any information about a property being used to grow cannabis.

"Drug dealing and cannabis cultivation damage communities and generate organised and violent crime, money laundering and anti-social behaviour.”

Police have reminded people of the signs to look out for of a cannabis factory which include strong and sickly sweet smell, windows permanently covered and visitors at unsocial hours.

The fire gutted the flat, with two windows smashed and blackened by the smoke.