A senior doctor says harm from alcohol is one of the biggest challenges facing the borough.

This year’s Annual Health Report, entitled ‘Is Haringey over the limit?’, sets out how Haringey Borough Council plans to tackle drink-related harm in the borough.

The report identifies two main problems: the harm to health from too much drink and the social harm.

Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, head of public health in the borough, said: “It really is a major problem in the borough and there is almost an epidemic issue with drinking related harm.

“In Haringey there isn’t a big night-time economy with clubs and bars, but there are a lot of off-licences which means the problem is behind closed doors.”

According to the report around one in ten people in Haringey are binge drinking, and it is estimated one in four people drink beyond levels considered to be high risk.

The report also shows that Haringey has the highest alcohol-related death rate in London for men.

Dr Gruchy said: “Alcohol should be enjoyed but the problem is that it has become ‘normal’ to consume too much too regularly.

“Cheaper, readily available alcohol is having a harmful effect on all of us. Individuals are paying for it with their health and families are paying with the effect on children and young people."

The report sets out the main strategies the council will using to fight alcohol health issues, including asking shops to stop selling high-strength lagers and using health-based evidence to support licensing decisions.

Also as part of the plan the council will be commissioning an environmental health officer to be the borough’s health champion.

The tackling of alcohol harm in the borough comes under Haringey’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

This includes the three main goals of giving every child the best start in life, reducing the gap in life expectancy between the east and west of the borough and improving mental health and well-being.